Top Hockey Movies

A classic hockey comedy about a minor league hockey team about to fold. Filled with a variety of players, the veteran player/coach Reggie Dunlop, the finesse player Ned Braden who refuses to fight, the team enforcers in the Hanson brothers, and the insane goaltender. The team starts turning things around, and go on to contend for a championship.

One of my all time favorite movies. Based on a true story about the 1980 Olympic Hockey team, a great movie for any sports fan. Other than being a true story, what makes this movie so great is how realistic the hockey in the movie is. Director Gavin O'Connor held hockey tryouts to pick the actors, instead of typical casting calls. They recreate the games and goals so well it almost seems you're watching the actual games.

Starring big time actors Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze, a story of a junior hockey player who needs to learn how play to the gritty part of the game and toughen up. Youngblood is a finesse player who wants to make it to the big leagues and knows junior hockey is the road to get there. He makes progress throughout the movie with the help of Swayze, which makes for a great ending.

Sean William Scott has always been one of my favorite comedic actors, put him in a hockey movie and I have to see it. A modern day Slapshot, but based on the hockey career of Doug Smith, who learned to skate at the age of 19. There is plenty of humor in the film, and a bond between teammates who get off on the wrong foot. Just being the team goon, Doug goes on to be a part of a championship team, and squares off against the most feared fighter in all of hockey.

                                   The Mighty Ducks
The first hockey movie I ever watched back when I was in youth hockey, The Mighty Ducks is a great hockey movie for kids. As I got older I realized how unrealistic some of the plays in the film were, but for a kid it's a fun and entertaining movie. It's also great to see familiar rinks around the Twin Cities like Parade Ice Gardens and the now extinct Columbia Arena where I played a lot of my youth hockey. The film led to two sequels which didn't do as well, but I own the set regardless.


  1. Wait a minute, here: "Mighty Ducks" but not "Mystery Alaska"? Come on...

  2. Mystery, Alaska is a great film...but other than the final game against the New York Rangers, there is a shortage of actual hockey being played. I may add it to the list, however.