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If you can't get enough hockey, I recommend reading any of these books to fill your time. Each of the books listed below are true stories, each with familiar players and teams to hockey fans. Ice Time is the one book listed below that does not include Minnesota teams and players, but is still a good read. I've given my own synopsis of the books and what I took from them, enjoy!

Blades of Glory: The True Story of a Young Team Bred to Win by John Rosengren
Author John Rosengren follows the Bloomington Jefferson Jaguars for the 2000-2001 season and writes about everything that goes on that season. Throughout the book, you get to know each of the players, their families, what they've been through, and what is expected from them in their rolls for the team. The team is ranked #1 nationally that season, led by senior captain and now Minnesota Wild defenseman, Tom Gilbert. Coach Tom Saterdalen hasn't won a state title since 1994 and has something to prove nearing retirement, players struggle to stay out of trouble, battle with using performance-enhancing supplements, and try and live up to the expectations that their friends, family, and the high school hockey world have for them. The book includes many historical stories in Minnesota Hockey along with what it's like getting cut from a team, balancing hockey and girlfriends, death of family members, and everything that goes into being a hockey player. I've spoken with John about his book and he really is a class act guy who is passionate about Minnesota Hockey, if you are too, you'll love this book. I've seen the book at many Barnes and Noble's and Borders bookstores in Minnesota.

Ice Time by Jay Atkinson
Similar to Blades of Glory, the author follows around a high school hockey team. Atkinson is a volunteer assistant coach for the boy's hockey team in Methuen,  Massachusetts. The book goes into players personal lives and go through their season as they look to make it to the state tournament. Also like Blades of Glory, there are players with expectations of playing hockey after high school, pressure on the team to succeed, players battling with staying out of trouble, and a family trying to deal with a sick father. It was a great book that I enjoyed reading, but it was a little harder to get attached to it like I did with Blades of Glory being that the team is from Massachusetts. Still, a great read for any sports fans and especially a hockey fan. Also have found this book at most bookstore chains in Minnesota.

The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey (Foreword by Jim Craig)
If you liked the movie Miracle, you will enjoy this book. The book tells the story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team just as Miracle, but goes into more detail about every player. I liked the book for that reason, every player on the team has a part in the book that tells about where they are from and where they played before they were a part of the team. Obviously it's a classic hockey story, and when you learn about each player individually, it makes the book even more entertaining.

Puck Heaven: Minnesota State Boys' Hockey Tournament Trivia by Jim Hoey 
This book is mostly statistical, filled with stats, records, and team performances at the Minnesota High School State Hockey Tournament. I bought this book a little while back at the Ted Brill Great 8 tournament and spoke with the author, Jim Hoey, for a bit. He's a real nice guy who knows everything you want to know about the biggest high school sports tournament in the country. I haven't read the whole thing, but rather skimmed through the last couple of decades to read about familiar players I grew up idolizing and up to as recent as players I played with. Anything you need to know about the Minnesota High School State Hockey Tournament is in this book, which Hoey said he will be updating. Makes for a great coffee table book.

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