Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jennings looking forward to success with new offense

Last summer there was some anticipation built up to see what long time Green Bay Packer Greg Jennings could bring to the Minnesota Vikings lineup. The 30 year old wide receiver was a thorn in the side of Vikings fans for years when he was playing for the rival Packers from 2006-2012. Though when Jennings came to Minnesota, he didn’t quite give Vikings fans the results they were hoping for.

Struggling to find a go to guy at the quarterback position, Jennings couldn’t find the chemistry he was hoping he could when on the field. In 15 starts during the 2013 season, Jennings collected 68 receptions for a season total of 804 yards and four touchdowns. Not bad numbers by any means, but not great either despite the fact that he led Vikings receivers. With the quarterback situation looking to be more stable in 2014, Jennings hopes the offense can make improvements this season.

“It’s our main job to put stress on the defense instead of letting them put the stress on us.” said Jennings.
Now about to start his second season in Minnesota, Jennings is excited about the new coaching staff, which carries a different attitude.

“What Mike Zimmer brings is a winning mindset.” said Jennings. “And it’s not just a mindset, it’s put into action. Everyone is held accountable and with that attitude we’ll be successful.”

But it’s not just Zimmer who can help Jennings rebound this season, there’s also new offensive coordinator Norv Turner who brings in a fresh, new start to an offense that struggled at times throughout the 2013 season. As a receiver who has surpassed the 1,000 yard barrier during three separate seasons, the shakeup in the offense this season may be just what he needs to have a great season.

“We’ll be successful.” said Jennings. “How many games we’ll win, we don’t know. But we’ll all be accountable and have some success.”

That success has already been shown in training camp with rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater connecting with Jennings on the field. As a veteran of the NFL, Jennings playing mentor to young receivers such as Coradelle Patterson also plays a role in the success the offense will have.

“If I’m having success, it’s going to open up the door for success for other guys,” Jennings said. “If Cordarrelle’s having success, it’s going to open up the door for a lot of other guys, as well.”

Jennings also knows that while he is still valuable to the Vikings, showing the way for emerging stars is also important, and eventually the torch will have to be passed.

“For me, it was making sure that he understands that he has to be a professional. He has to be a pro’s pro when he steps foot [on the field].”

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